These classes study all of the living invertebrates. Classes will integrate topics which may include, describe and classify what they are and how they grow. Among other things, some program topics will look at factors that affect growth or life cycles.

Composting Critters

Soil arthropods! Learn which arthropods are shredders, predators and herbivores in this dirt class!  Put together the lifecycle of the pill bug and meet live Isopods and many legged millipedes! Preserved insects and arachnids will also accompany this class!

Insect or Arachnid?

Learn to identify the difference between a bug or a spider. We will discuss the foundational anatomy of body parts, jointed legs, chewing mouthparts, compound eyes and more interesting anatomy! Students will engage in building or painting a spider or insect according to age level and interest. Live and preserved bugs will accompany this exciting class!


Journey through the lifecycles of the insects! Learn how insects change and grow. Students will get hands on activities of insect life models and then make and take home their favorite insect lifecycle. From the beautiful butterfly to the lucky ladybug and many more! Finally, students may choose to bring home their own "baby bug" to observe it's metamorphosis!

Butterflies (with art)

Everything butterfly in this beautiful science and art class combined! Preserved real butterflies from sustainable resources and amazing realistic looking paper butterflies will accompany this class. Learn lifecycle of the butterfly and much more! Art activities to take home will be based on age appropriateness of the students. (Some advance notice will be required.)


EEK! Don't be spooked by spiders; learn about arachnids and all of their relatives.  Students will observe how arachnids molt to get bigger! Get the sticky details on why spider webs are so fascinating! You may design an itsy-bitsy spider you can eat, or build, depending on age or interest! Preserved arachnids will accompany this class. (This class may contain edibles.)