Beakers & Bugs is a unique company! For the BEST experience from our parties and school programs here are some tips and considerations for your special day!

  • Have a designated covered space for the science experiments and be sure there is enough space for EACH PARTICIPANT.
  • Have an appropriate size table (non-glass) for ALL your little guests/students with enough room to do the experiments.  A vinyl tablecloth-is preferable and a good choice. 
  • All parties/programs should start at your designated time. More than 25 minutes of waiting time will add to your party/program bill.
  • To ensure safety and cleanliness of the activities, please no food or eating the science table! 
  • Have a sink nearby that can be utilized; or at least a garden hose for the children to do hand-washing. Science is messy fun!
  • If you have planned many activities at the same time, and your children are also very young, expect that guests may or may not participate in all of the experiments. Alternating planned activities works best!
  • If possible, have a designated car park area for Beakers staff on the day of event.  This will eliminate confusion on where to set up and leaving your party event.
  • Although no guest, parent or teacher is required to help, some assistance and participation is always appreciated and contributes to the party‚Äôs success!

Thank you!