School program times can be customized.

  • 20 minutes = 2 experiments  
  • 30 minutes = 3 experiments
  • 45 minutes = 4 experiments


What is a Bird? Find out in this fun, feathery class! Examine bird eggs and get hands on skills building a bird nest, OR dissecting an owl pellet!


Examine authentic fossils!  Excavate your own ammonite or shark tooth fossil! Future paleontologists will create Jurassic fossil art to take home with them.


Who is peeking out from that egg? Find out which animals comes from an egg! From feathers to fins and scales! Examine the largest to the smallest egg! Meet a friendly egg laying reptile!

Cactus Hotel

A cactus story read aloud by Ladybug Lori! Listen and learn about environmental science accompanied by live southwest insects! Create a cactus in clay to keep! 

Coral Reefs

Dive right into marine science and why these animals are so important to our ocean environment!  Build your own coral reef or create your own ocean food chain!

The Senses

A yummy class on the taste buds! Many flavors can be experienced! (No nuts). Want more class time or different theme? Play a sensory tactile game with shapes and textures! Perfect for the young scientist.

Inside Me!

Bones build up the skeleton system. Frame up the details on the hundreds of bones that put you together. Puzzle together the body system and what you need to stay healthy!

Glowing & the Radium Girls

A unique program on the environmental history  of the radium girls! Following the history lesson, glowing experiments can include glowing beads bracelets, glowing slime, or painting with glowing pigments.  A portion of this program needs to be done in a dark room.


Foundational, hands on chemistry fun! Choose from bubbling little potions, exciting chemistry rockets, fun faux snow or classic polymer slime!

Gems & Minerals

Search for your own gems and minerals to keep! Conduct magnetic and streaking tests on all your findings! Make a gem necklace from your favorite mineral! Sample some real rock candy!

Oh My Stars!

Journey through the lifecycle of the star! Discover how stars are grouped together by constructing a constellation. Glowing fun in this astronomy class! A portion of this program needs to be done in a dark room.

Sunshine & Rainbows

Solar power wow! Experiment with solar slime and make unique pictures on sun print paper! Test your sunblock on solar beads and then make a bracelet! Want more class time? Discover how rainbows are created and craft a rainbow to take home! A portion of this class must be done outdoors.