These programs encompass a great deal of things which involve the earth. It can also include things like the weather, climate, volcanoes, or other phenomenon such as fossils, rocks and marine life. Also included, is the study of the universe and it’s components such as stars, planets, moons, and other celestial bodies.

Dinky Dinos (with art)

Journey back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous era! Learn how ancient lizards lived and died. Become a paleontologist as you excavate fossils and minerals! Create personalized impressions with bones and botanicals and  carry home a “baby” dinosaur.
*Ask about our larger dinosaur digging option!

Earths-Worms! and their friends!

Creepy crawlies of every kind will worm their way into the lab! A super sensory experience with down & dirty hands-on fun that teaches students which animals help the earth stay clean and green! Uncovering the lifecycle of the worm will be yummy! This class may contain an edible experiment.

Ka-Boom!:volcanic energy (with chemistry)

You’ll have a blast in this class that combines earth science and chemistry! Examine real lava rocks, brew up your own little volcanic eruption and become a certified volcanologist! A portion of this class must be done outdoors!

Marine Scene (with art)

Dive into a wet, wacky world of funky fish to scary sharks. Learn the importance of the fragile coral reefs and it’s connection to the health of our underwater environment! Build your own mini reef to take home!

ant-bullet Sharks! -new!

Learn why sharks are so important to our eco-system! Play a food chain game to take home!

Science Rocks!

Eureka! Scientists will strike gold! Ummm, “fools gold” that is! Dig up discoveries of gems and minerals like a real miner. Learn what tools it takes to become a real rock hound and conduct science tests on all your findings. All geologists may keep what pans out for them! This program has small parts/pieces!


Who gives a hoot about owls?  We do!  Learn about natures top predator and how important they are in our food chain!  Dissect a real owl pellet with your team mate and play a co-operative food chain game!

Stormy Science

Learn how thunderstorms really develop and classify those cumulus clouds! Discover the beauty and force of nature as you spin your own tornado’s! Harness your own lightning, make your own rainbows in the lab and get all the easy breeze facts on wild weather!

Oh My Stars! (with art)

Blast into the Milky Way and dip into the constellations! Create your own pattern of stars complete with little green aliens to invade the galaxy! Enjoy a yummy astronaut treat while you launch mini rockets into space! This class will contain edibles.