These programs are designed to acknowledge the skeletal system and different systems within the body. These programs will also include proper nutrition for a healthy body.

Good to eat

Learn smart nutrition habits in this scientific class on food and digestion. Sort out fruits and veggies as you get acquainted with “My Plate”. Enjoy yummy snacks you take home in your tummy! A portion of this class contains edible experiments.

Them Bones (with art)

Don’t leave your skeleton in the closet! Examine the hard facts on bones! Frame up the details on the hundreds of bones that put you together. Find out who has more vertebras in their neck: Giraffe or human? You’d be surprised!

Sensory Science-Textures (with art)

Make some sense! Little scientists will start by describing how something feels by using your largest organ-our skin! Describe, sort, and play fun games where everyone wins! Scientist will create a texture board to take home!

ant-bullet Sensory Station

 The smallest scientist will learn hands-on hand-eye coordination and color recognition! This free discovery science class has many unique, fun stations set up for young learners to touch, feel and sort out!

ant-bullet EYE SEE YOU!

The smallest students will learn how to use science tools to view details on tiny toys and “hidden” objects in petri dishes. They will also learn about how the human eye works!