These classes study all of the living things such as plants, animals. Classes will integrate topics which may include, describe and classify what they are and how they grow. Among other things, some program topics will look at factors that affect growth or life cycles.

Awesome Amphibians & Radical Reptiles (with art)

Do snakes and toads leave you feeling cold? Warm up to Gators and Croc’s right here in sunny Florida! Take a journey through the lifecycle of the frog and discover which senses make them all so special! Investigate which reptiles lay eggs and which do not! Paint a pretty gecko ornament for your window at home!

ant-bullet Tadpoles Too! (Youngster Class – Shorter Length)

Short on time? This 20 minute class is perfect for you! Great for the youngest scientist!

Cactus Hotels (with art)

Are deserts lifeless and barren? Not in the southwest! Listen and learn how a Saguaro cactus becomes an oasis of life for many creatures great and small in the sizzling Sonoran sun. Sculpt a Saguaro and enjoy a yummy cactus treat! This class may contain edibles.

Cave kids (with art & chemistry)

Journey back to the ice age and learn which early man survived and thrived! Play with the “Flintstones” friends and his “Ice Age” buddies in the blustery faux snow! Discover what wild and wooly animals lived in the pre-historic times! Create colorful cave art to keep!


Are insects such as cockroaches as dirty as people say they are? You’d be surprised by the answer! Learn bug body parts! Journey through the lifecycle of a butterfly! Bee amazed by how important insects are to the planet! Meet some rather large special guests and shake their “grubby” little hands. Who knows what may skitter home with you….?

Going Batty

Flying mammal alert! What animal sucks blood, flies blind and carries rabies? Not these guys! Dispel the myths! Discover how these nocturnal night flyers are great pollinators and a gardeners best friend! But wait, there’s more! Listen up and get hands-on experience as you learn about echolocation.

Hatchlings (with art)

Guess who is peaking out of the egg? Eggs aren’t just for the birds! Find out who else comes from an egg! Learn how and why in this fun, feathery, leathery hands-on class! Practice fine motor skills while you build your own little nest for home tweet home! Perfect for the young scientist.

Infection Detection (with art)

Meet a microbe and a fun-gi! Cuddle up with giant sized germs and find out which ones can make you really sick and which are actually good for you! Take part in the infection-connection experiment on how germs get passed from person to person. Pretty up a petri dish to keep!

Ready to grow

When you get the dirt on all the parts of a plant, your knowledge will begin to blossom! This class will really grow on you as you examine tree rings and much more! Get hands on manipulative skills as you learn how to care for plants. Green thumbs will take a seedling home with them.


EEK! Don’t be spooked by spiders; learn about arachnids and their relatives. Discover the differences between a spider and an insect. Get the sticky details on why spider webs are so fascinating! Design an itsy-bitsy spider you can eat! This class contains edibles.