These programs study all non-living materials. This includes matter and energy and how they interact. Also investigated in these programs will be simple machines, magnetism, motion, light.

Bobbing Along: Ups & Downs of Floating & Sinking

Does buoyancy leave you with a sinking feeling? Never fear, science is here! Experiment with some unusual refrigerator finds and household objects to see what really “floats your boat”! A super sensory experience for the smallest science student! Take-home tub toys included!

Cirque Science

Learn laws of motion concepts with real circus training! This high energy class will get little bodies moving while improving hand eye coordination. Spin plates, twirl hoops, and lasso a trick rope like a real pro! Clown nose included! Best for the older scientist.

Electric City

Science smarties will love charging up static electricity and direct current energy to power their little laboratories! Experiment with the positive connections and get the bright answer! Harness a little lab lightning along the way! Best for the older scientist.

First Flight

Take flight with this class on how aircraft will fly, float and spin! Learn about the Wright Brothers and what made them so important in flying transportation. Little pilots will take home their own mini plane and helicopter! A portion of this class is done outdoors.

Fun-shine Science

Solar power wow! Harness the power of the sun; in this funny, sunny, science class! Experiment with photo voltaic toys and participate in a sunshine race! Test your SPF on solar beads and create unique patterns on sun-photo paper. Special souvenir sun bracelets for all who participate! A majority of this class must be done outdoors.


You’ll be attracted by all the fascinating experiments you’ll do with magnets! Feel the force and see a magnetic field! Learn how modern magnets are made and how useful they are in our everyday life. Perfect for the young scientist.

Glow Your Way! (with art)

Do you zinc chemistry is boring? Don’t get left in the dark! Illuminate your science experience with some bio luminescence. Get glowing on which animals give off their own light! Little scientists will be creating works of art with stars that will make their parents glow with pride. Older scientists will create gooey, glowing creatures that will go home with them! Most of these experiments will require a dark room.


Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles! Learn the science of mixing liquids and a little dry ice to create bubble excitement! Experiment with science tools and crazy wand shapes and of all sizes to see what kind of soapy fun pops up! But wait, there’s more! Create a kaleidoscope of colors that make rainbows in the lab! Caution: A portion of this program needs to be done outdoors.

Magical Matters

Calling all magicians, wizards and tricksters! Use the power of science to fool your closest friends and family! Conjure creatures to change shape and bend at your every whim! Concoct bubbling potions with a wave of your wand…or umm….pipette! Is it science or magic? You be the judge!

Kiddo Cars (Simple Machines)

Beep! Beep! Get your learners permit in this super fun simple machines class! Discover how wheels and axels help us every day. Little mechanics will explore Automobloxs and puzzle cars to build and trade while improving fine motor manipulation. The smallest students will test their tactile skills on super soft bumper cars to race around the classroom! Some scientists drive away with their brand new mini car!

ant-bullet Mechanik Junior (Youngster Class – Shorter Length)


Coming Soon –  Coding Basics for youngsters

Mathematics (New!)

This program will focus on counting, sorting, pattern recognition and estimating. It also explores a variety of objects by their attributes.

Silly Sorting

Lookout! A monster has been let loose in your sock drawer! Meet Floobius, the sock monster who loves to play cooperative games with counting, sorting and patterns! Even the shyest mathematicians will delight in joining in on all the antics!

Encore anyone?

This class is great done in a series of 3, with various degrees of challenge and unique activities!